How To Declutter Your Home

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One of the most critical steps of staging a house is decluttering the place. The purpose of decluttering your home is to ensure that its structural and spatial features are visible. At the same time, all of your personal belongings tend to prevent potential buyers from envisioning themselves in the house you want to sell.

Decluttering involves the process of leaving just the bare minimum on your walls, floors, and counters. It also includes the systematic organization of all the furnishings in each room. While it may sound like tedious work, it is essential. To help make it easier for you, The Passion Of Home Staging has explained how to declutter your home in a few short steps below.

1. Clear out your kitchen
In the kitchen, take inventory of all your utensils, cutlery, plates, pots, pans, etc. Go through all the items that you have in the kitchen and take the time to clear out whatever you don’t need or whatever is damaged. You want to reduce your kitchenware by at least 50% and create more space on your counters.

2. Organize your bedrooms
In the bedrooms, if your kids’ toys are strewn all over, put them nicely in a box. If you are using a bedroom as an office, ensure that your desk is clean and organized. Pick up all the clothes off the floor and place them in your closet nicely.

3. Keep it minimal in the bathroom
For the bathroom(s), make sure you remove all the unnecessary items from the counter, vanity, and shower area. Remove those bath mats, toilet cleaners, and place them in a cabinet in the bathroom or in the kitchen or storage area with your other cleaning supplies.

4. Get the main area organized
In the living room or the main floor section of the house, try to get your furnishing organized to create a functional space that accentuates the beauty of your home. If you have any extra furniture, make sure to remove it.

5. Take down all personal belongings
Go through each room in the house and remove all personal pictures and artifacts from the walls, tables, and mantle. The space in your home should look as clean as possible. You can try to maintain neutral colors throughout the house if possible to help potential buyers envision themselves living there.

6. Call a professional stager
If you find these steps overwhelming, or your efforts don’t make much of a difference to your space, you can always call in a home stager to help you out. They understand the aesthetics that potential home buyers want to see and can easily declutter your space in no time.

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